Industrial Management Information System (IMIS)

Department of Environment

Industrial pollution in Bangladesh has become a serious concern of the country in terms of degradation of the water bodies and agricultural lands of the country. The recent increasing trend of industrial expansion is one of the major causes of the spread of pollution all over the country. Most of the industries have grown sporadically in proximity to residential areas. The semi-urban and rural environment, agricultural lands, wetlands and forested areas of the country are also under pressure of industrial pollution channeled out from the untreated effluents or emissions.

In order to make appropriate decisions on industries in the daily business of the DoE a comprehensive database on industries is very essential. In this context, it is urgently needed to manage industrial information through a web-enabled and GIS-based database that is able to generate customized maps having all kinds of spatial as well as ancillary information related with industries. The Industrial Database will facilitate the DoE to improve their monitoring capacity and accelerate their policy decision making process. The DoE would be able to use the database as an auxiliary tool for enforcing laws and regulations with enhanced efficiency. Application of the user-friendly database could be a milestone in establishing the e-Governance capacity of the department that will be complementary as an in-built vision of the Government of Bangladesh.